Cheap glasses—Pocket-friendly style statement


Using glasses is one of the commonest and the most reliable methods of rectifying faulty vision. Be it for myopia or presbyopia i.e. far-sightedness and short-sightedness respectively, most doctors across the globe depend on the usage of external lenses. 

The symptoms of presbyopia are a constant need for adjustment of the distance of the close-by object for a clearer view, difficulty in reading books, newspaper, etc. Presbyopia normally sets in after the forties and continues to deteriorate till the age of sixty-five.

Cheap glasses—Pocket-friendly style statement

Myopia on the other hand can occur from a very early age. It is very common among children. Moreover, the current pandemic situation has compelled them to increase screen timings because of online classes, thus resulting in a sharp increase in eye troubles. 

The easiest way to handle all these problems is to rectify the vision externally with a pair of lenses. There are a wide range of eyeglasses available of several varieties and price range to suit your needs. But this can be heavy on your pocket at times.

To solve the problem, here we are presenting some of the choicest frames of Vision Direct which are budget-friendly. The catalog of cheap lenses are as follows:

SmartBuy Collection Merriam 2218 C5: These purple-rimmed oversized unisex glasses deserves a special mention in this context. Available at a highly affordable price, the lens material of this pair is customizable. The frame is made from plastic to make it more sturdy and lightweight. It comes with a Vision Direct warranty of 24-months on the lens along with 100 day returns policy in case of any complaint. 

SmartBuy Collection Laurie OF8852: The unique soothing and attractive blue color of the frame is the major highlight of the collection which is available at a highly pocket-friendly rate. The lens material is customizable while the frame is prepared from plastic thus making it sturdy and lightweight at the same time. This oversized frame is ideal for both men and women alike. It comes with a 100% accuracy guarantee and a warranty period of 24-months on the lens. This is a prime example of low-cost and high-quality specs.

SmartBuy Collection Denny X9815-4 C4: This stylish oversized gold-black combination glass is a compulsory mention in the list of high-quality but low-price lenses. This enjoys a customizable RX prescription lens with a 100% accuracy guarantee and a 24-month warranty on the lens along with a 100 days return policy.

SmartBuy Alpha 2460 C6: Sleek, elegant, this is one of the most popular eyeglasses available at a highly reasonable price. With a 100% accuracy guarantee, this rectangular metal frame comes with a warranty period of 24-months on the lens. The frame material is plastic thus ensuring durability and lightweight. The lens material is customizable as per the requirements of the buyer.

SmartBuy Collection Cam 2437 C5: The unique Red Havana frame color is one of the major highlights of this frame. It is oval-shaped and full-rimmed. The design of the frame is such that it suits both men and women alike. The lens material is customizable and the lens enjoys a 24-month warranty period with a 100% accuracy guarantee and a 100 days return policy. 

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